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why does my vape taste burnt

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

Vaping is a great alternative to cigarettes as it is less likely to offend people near you. However, you might not enjoy every vape puff you take, especially when it tastes burnt or something about the hit is off. If you are wondering, “Why does my vape taste burnt?”, you’re not alone. There are some very valid reasons for this, and some easy fixes to the problem.

What Does It Mean When My Vape Tastes Burnt?

There are four main reasons why your vape tastes burnt. Those reasons include:

1. Vaping Too Quickly

Akin to a frat boy chugging beer as fast as he can go, drawing on a vape pen for as much as you can as fast as you can have an emptying effect. The vape pen is not able to keep up with the speed and strength of the draw on it. Subsequently, the inner workings are a tad dry while the pen works to get more e-liquid into the vaping chambers.

The Fix:

Vape less and more slowly and make sure the cartridges have enough e-liquid to vape.  Vaping was designed to be an enjoyable and leisurely experience, not a race to empty the pen or empty a cartridge. In this way, you are more readily able to recognize when the cartridge is almost empty and you can replace it or add more liquid before you get that burnt taste.

2. The Coils Are Old or Scosche

Vape pen maintenance is a real thing folk. The coils only last so long and then they need to be replaced. Scorched coils mean that you have been hitting the pen too often when the cartridge is almost empty or completely empty, and as a result, the heat from the coils burns the coils themselves and any residue left on the coils.

The Fix:

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your particular vape device, and/or ask an expert about coil replacements versus vape device replacements. Maintaining your vape device is fairly simple and it only takes a couple of minutes to learn. If you have a cheaper device, it might be a better idea just to completely replace it. Such as Suorin Vape cartridges, are better to replace a new one after filling-e-liquid 5-8 times or within 7 days after e-liquid filling!

3. There’s Too Much Wattage

Actually, most vape devices are designed to fit a specified wattage.  But some are with the bad design with illogical coil wattages, too less or too much wattage. Some vape devices are not designed to carry power above a certain level. It is easy to lead to a vape taste burnt situation. Because of the larger wattage, the quicker burning, it is easy to have a burnt taste.

What’s more, some DIY vape devices can adjust the wattage. If you are not good at it and vape with a large wattage, it also easy to taste burnt!

The Fix:

Choose a high-quality vape device from a specialized vaping brand. Such as the Suorin Vape starter kit! And check the side of the device packaging, the internal instructions, or actual wattage markings on the side of your vape device. It will tell you what you need to know in terms of the manufacturer’s recommended wattage. Some devices allow you to “dial” up or down the wattage, but these devices also do not stop at the lowest or highest wattage recommended. Hence, follow the instructions to keep the wattage well within the recommended range.

4. Vaping the Wrong Kind of E-Liquid

Surprise! Not all e-liquids are created equal, and not all e-liquids are designed with universal vaping devices in mind. Smaller vape pens and vaping devices need a much more fluid and/or watery e-liquid than the larger devices.

Larger devices utilize an e-liquid that has a thicker consistency because the vape heads are able to manage a thicker viscosity. If you put the thicker vape fluid into a smaller vape device, it gets stuck and burns.

The Fix:

Use the right e-liquid for your device. One way you can safely vape the correct liquid without a burnt taste is to purchase starter kits from, which include e-liquids in the correct size and viscosity to match the devices. Then you have a better idea of what to purchase again when you run out.

Burnt Hits vs. Dry Hits

You may also have some confusion here about burnt hits versus dry hits. Since dry hits are one of the reasons why you may experience a burnt taste while vaping, it helps to understand that these things are related but not the same.

What Are Burnt Hits?

Burnt hits are the result of dry vape devices, coils, too much vaping, etc. Something is causing the burning of residue or burning of internal components in your vape device. As a result, your vape device produces the burnt flavor you are tasting when you take a hit.

What Are Dry Hits?

Dry hits are completely devoid of any vaporized e-liquid. There’s either no liquid in your vape device at all or so little that it can’t be drawn up into the vaporizing compartment. You get very little, if any, vape smoke, and it’s harsher and harder to inhale. What you want is a smooth, flavorful, moisture-laden hit that goes in and down easily.

The Difference Between Burnt and Dry Hits

Having provided a clear and concise explanation of burnt and dry hits, you can understand the difference. Dry hits can lead to burnt hits if you keep trying to draw from an empty or nearly empty vape device. Keep the vape cartridge or vape tank full, and you won’t have either issue.

The Best Ways to Prevent Burnt Hits

As previously stated, each issue that presents itself with a burnt hit has an equal and valid solution.

1. Keep your vape tank filled.

It’s tempting to try to squeeze every last drop of vape juice out of your vape device, especially if you vape a lot and you are trying to pinch pennies. However, you really aren’t saving money if you burn out your device and have to replace it often because you haven’t been keeping the tank or cartridge filled. Avoid the unnecessary expense of frequent device replacements by just paying extra to keep the tank or cartridge filled.

2. Prime your coils.

If you’re new to vaping, you probably have never heard of the coil priming thing. This is where you take the coil head and apply a single drop of e-liquid to the opening on the side of the coil head. The coil head is activated and recognizes that there is e-liquid fluid present, so it begins to draw up fluid and vaporize it. A lack of priming forces the system to work overtime and the burnt taste is from unprimed coils.

3. Avoid installing too much wick material.

The wick is similar to old oil lamps; it extends into the fluid and draws it up to moisten the fibrous wick. When ignited, the wick and the liquid burn together. Too much wick prevents the e-liquid from reaching the ignition area, and subsequently, you get a burned cotton wick taste instead of e-liquid. Less is more where the wick is concerned.

4. Use the right vape battery with the right vape tank.

Again, this is about power and wattage. Some vape devices are rechargeable and plug-in via USB. You would use a watch battery or a AAA lithium-ion battery to fuel those devices, would you? Probably not. Use the right power and battery as assigned, and always check your starter kits from to see what type of battery your device needs.

5. Regularly replace your vape coils.

As long as you have a device that has replaceable vape coils, you can and should replace them. The process is quick and easy, and it actually makes your vape device efficient. You can buy extra coils online.

How Can You Stop Your Coils From Burning Out?

If you are still wondering “Why does my vape liquid taste burnt?”, the leading cause is almost always the coils or a dry tank. Both are preventable. While you can’t completely stop your coils from burning out, you can slow down the process immensely with a few key practices.

  • Avoid high VG e-liquids, which have a high sugar content and will stick to coils causing them to burn out.
  • Clean the coils per vape device instructions. Use the recommended cleaning fluid and cleaning procedures to avoid ruining the coils.
  • Replace the coils every so many hundred hits (or when you notice the slightest change in vape taste that isn’t right even after you clean the coils).
  • Don’t be a rapid chain vaper, as this burns out coils very quickly! Conserve your coils by dialing back how much and how fast you vape.

It’s not too late to start taking care of the coils in your vape device now. You may be able to extend the life of the coils if you start right away and get into the habit of coil maintenance.

Avoid the Burnt Taste: Take Action

In short, you don’t have to live with or accept the burnt taste of your vape hits. It is 100% preventable if you follow our simple advice. If your current vape device is too far gone, order a starter kit from the Youmeit shop and start over. Now that you know how and what you can do to prevent burnt-tasting vape hits, a fresh start with a starter kit may be just what you are looking for.


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