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Vaping Tricks and Tips feature

Vaping Tricks and Tips for Newbies

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, you can have fun and impress your friends with some easy tricks. We’ve compiled a list of instructions, and we’ve included some helpful videos you can watch to see how these tricks work in real life. Note that for most of these tricks, it’s easier to use a box mod. Many of them will work with a vape pen or pod mod, however, so try them today.
In this guide:

What You Need to Get Started on Vape Tricks

  • Vape device: For best results, use a box mod with temperature controls.
  • Juice: Any flavor will work.
  • Videos: Watching videos will show you the tips in action.

For most of these tricks, you’ll need some time to practice. We’ve stuck to easy tricks that most people should learn easily. Before long, you’ll impress your friends with your neat tricks.

Ghost Inhale

This makes your vapor come out like a giant ball that looks like a ghost. It’s a great trick for beginners because it’s easy and looks impressive.

  • Take a long drag and inhale it into your mouth.
  • Hold it for a few seconds.
  • When you open your mouth, form an O shape.
  • Release the vapor, and close your mouth immediately.
  • Don’t force the vapor out.

Here’s a video on how to do the Ghost Inhale.

Dragon Smoke

When you do this, you’ll look like a dragon. It makes the vapor come out of your nose and the corners of your mouth. This gives you a fire-breathing look that is scary in a fun way.

  • Take a long drag from your device.
  • When you exhale, close your lips tightly in the middle, but leave the corners open.
  • Force the vapor out through your nose and the corners of your mouth.
  • This may take a few attempts to master.

Here’s an instructional video for doing the Dragon Smoke or Dragon Breath trick:

Liquid Mist

This trick uses vapor to create a cup of smoke that looks like a magical potion. It’s a fantastic trick to use when you’re out having drinks or at a party.

  • Use a glass with a wide diameter.
  • Fill it halfway with a liquid of your choice, or wait until you drink half your drink.
  • Take a long drag from your vape device.
  • Touch the rim of the glass with your lips.
  • Slowly exhale the vapor. It will fill the glass and create a floating mist effect.

Here’s a video of the Liquid Mist in action.

French Inhale

Many smokers enjoy French inhaling, and there’s no reason to give it up when you vape. This is one trick that will also work with pod mods or vape pens. Here’s how it works.

  • Take a long pull of vapor.
  • Instead of forcing the vapor out, open your mouth slowly and let it “pour” out naturally.
  • To make it work, slightly push out your lower jaw to help the vapor exit.

This video shows you how to do it step by step:

Vapor Rings

Yes, you can blow “smoke rings” with your vape device. Among vapers, this trick is sometimes known as Cheerios. It’s an impressive way to exhale your vapor. Once you learn, you can blow double and even triple rings of O’s.

  • Inhale some vapor.
  • Before you exhale, place your finger in the middle of your lips.
  • Open your lips so that your mouth forms two evenly spaced openings on either side of your finger.
  • Release the vapor in small, short puffs.
  • Keep your bottom lip pushed in slightly as you exhale.

How to execute triple rings:

  • Inhale some vapor.
  • Press two fingers against the middle of your lips.
  • Make a peace sign with your hand, and place it over your open mouth.
  • This creates three openings over your mouth.
  • Release the vapor in a short cough.

Enjoy Your Vape Device with These Vape Tricks

Get more from your vape device with these fun tricks that most vapers can learn easily. Which ones have you tried? Let us know in the comments! If you want to select your first vape device, here are some choices for you!

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