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Vaper’s Tongue: What is it and how to get rid of it

Adult electronic cigarette users in America in 2018 were roughly 8.1 million. Principally, 57.3 percent of adults had used an e-cigarette. Approximately 25.2 percent of e-cigarette users are former cigarette smokers. Vaping has multiple benefits, including helping cigarette smokers to quit smoking. Vaping doesn’t have scientifically-proven side effects on users and the people around them. However, you may sometimes experience a vaper’s tongue, affecting the pleasure you derive from e-cigs. Stay tuned to know what is vaper’s tongue and how to rid it of it.

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Vapers Tongue: What is it?

Vaper’s tongue is a common issue faced by newbies and expert vapers alike. The problem affects the tastes of your vape. It can make the e-cig have a tasteless or horrible savor. You might have a numb tongue or lose your sense of taste.

The issue is not permanent but takes time to solve, especially when you don’t know the cause. Understanding the cause of the savor issue should be the first step. Once you know the vaper’s tongue cause, you can address it amicably. So many things could make you have a vapor’s tongue.

Why Aren’t You Getting Flavor From Your Vape?

Are you not getting vapor from your e-cig? Is the flavor horrible or tasteless, or you cannot tell what the favor feels like? It could be due to the following reasons.

You Used the Same E-liquid for Long

Your taste buds are sensitive enough to detect new tastes and decipher the flavor. However, as they get used to a particular flavor, you may lose their sense of taste. If you have used the same e-liquid for a long time but can no longer detect the flavor, it’s time to make a change. It indicates that your taste buds have acclimatized to such flavor. If this is the issue, you may never detect such an e-liquid flavor again.

You Haven’t Changed the Atomizer for Sometime

The atomizer coils in your e-cigarette are responsible for heating the e-liquid and converting it to a flavor. If they get covered by dirt and grime, they lose the power to supply the e-liquid flavor as it is. You will start getting a bitter taste. Your taste buds may also get dulled in the process. Check the atomizer coils and wick to know if they are clean. Anyone using a disposable vape should replace it regularly. About the Suorin refillable atomizer, we recommend changing the new cartridge after filling the e-liquid 5-8 times or within 7 days after e-liquid filling!

Your Taste Buds are Damaged

Vaper’s tongue is not entirely an issue with the e-cig kit. It could also be a problem with your taste buds. Taste buds get damaged after using certain medications, sour foods, or spicy foods. They can also get damaged after smoking, taking alcohol, or when you have infections. Taste buds have self-healing power, allowing them time to do their magic. They regrow within a week or two.

Blocked Nose

If you notice vapers tongue symptoms, the cause could be a blocked nose. It’s good to realize that there is a close relationship between your sense of smell and your sense of taste. When you have flu or cold, you may discover that you have lost your sense of taste. Over-the-counter medicines and remedies won’t solve the issue. Get the proper medication to resolve the blocked nose issue. You may be fine after the treatment. If not, you may need to talk to your doctor.

Dehydration/Mouth Dryness

When your system loses large sums of water, and you don’t drink enough, you’ll experience several problems. But mouth dryness and dehydration are the most common side effects. When your mouth is dry, and your body lacks enough water, your sense of taste may get affected. Also, you may experience these issues when you consume lots of alcohol or caffeine. In both cases, you must drink enough water to hydrate.

An Outdated E-liquid

It’s good to understand that e-liquids don’t have a shelf-life. However, like every other product, they lose their potency over time. One way e-liquid lose potency is by losing its taste and color. When you vape and cannot detect the taste, it’s probably an issue with outdated e-liquid. Replace the e-liquid and clean the vaping container.


A common cause of vapers’ tongue is illness or medication. Some medications can leave you with a reduced sense of taste. Also, vitamin deficiencies and head injuries can lead to loss of flavor. When you confirm this is the case, talk with your doctor. They may recommend alternative medications to resolve the issue. They might also advise the best way forward when you have head injuries.

How to Get Rid of the Vaper’s Tongue?

You probably want to know how to get rid of a vapers tongue. You can do it yourself or seek professional help.

Stop Smoking

The quickest way to solve the vaper’s tongue problem is to stop smoking. Yes, it could seem a difficult task. However, you can change your circle or join a rehab to help with the recovery problems. The withdrawal symptoms may be deadly. Therefore, consider a rehab center or talk counseling groups to enable you to quit smoking with much ease.

Drink Enough Water

Drink enough water glasses every day. It will solve the dehydration or dry mouth issue. It can also help in clearing your palette. Drinking enough water boosts saliva production, and supports the best functioning of your taste buds.

Use a Mouth Wash

Mouthwash is the most potent oral hygiene product to help you get rid of the vaper’s tongue. A mouthwash refreshes your palate and improves the functioning of the taste buds. However, be careful when selecting your mouthwash. Some products have extra-potent flavors that can worsen the issue.

Cut Back on Caffeine and Alcohol

As mentioned, alcohol and caffeine cause dehydration and dry mouth. They are often common causes of vaper’s tongue. Alcoholic and caffeine beverages make your mouth dry on contact. They are diuretics, so they make you urinate more, which can lead to dehydration and cause a vaper’s tongue.

Change your E-liquid

Most vapers say that the vaper’s tongue issue gets solved with ease when you swap your e-liquid. Changing to a stronger e-liquid helps re-balance your taste buds and helps with the vaper’s tongue issue. You can buy a variety and alternate between different flavors and savors, and choose e-liquids that soothe your taste buds. At this time, a disposable vape pen will be your best choice! It will be cheaper or high-cost-performance! Because you needn’t buy a new flavor liquid and use another new cartridge to use the new flavor juice. And the disposable vape always has many flavors you can choose from! Such as Vapsi!

Use a more Potent Flavor

You can quickly rebalance your taste buds by getting a more potent flavor. The most recommended flavors to use include mint and mental. These flavors will get your sense of like back in no time.

Use an Unflavored e-Liquid

If you’re an experienced vaper, you may find using an unflavored vape awkward. However, if you’re just starting, the best way to solve the issue is to go for an unflavored e-liquid.

Suck a Lemon

Lemon has potent citrus juice that can help to reset your taste buds. If you’re not the kind that would suck a lemon, try a lemon-flavored vape or a lemon dessert. Sucking the lemon juice or adding it to water resets your tongue. Its strong citrus juice in lemons can shock your taste buds, improving your ability to decipher the tastes of different e-liquids.

Consider Steeped E-liquids

Steeped e-liquids provide a softer yet more refined taste. Such flavors have strong potency when it comes to reviving your lost taste. Steeped e-liquids are simply vape juice left to mix for some time. They cost more, but the price equals the value you get.

Smell Fresh Coffee Beans

This technique is common among wine tasters. When they inhale the fresh coffee bean scent, their taste buds reset. They have the power to relieve dry mouth symptoms and make your taste buds active.

Using a Tongue Scraper

Another effective way to restore your tongue is by using a tongue scraper. Tongue scrapers are suited for scraping the top layer of your tongue. You can also use your toothbrush if you don’t have a tongue scraper.

What to do if the Vaper’s Tongue Persists?

It’s unlikely these tips won’t resolve your issue. However, you need more specialized treatment if the vaper’s tongue symptoms persist. The problem could be the medication or products you’re using. If you’re among the 70 percent of Americans taking prescription medications, the issue could be the drugs.

Prescription drugs for allergies, colds, depression and anxiety can cause dry mouth. Similarly, CBD-infused products have been confirmed to cause dry mouth. Your lifestyle and life habits could also be the cause. If you work under the hot sun for extended periods, you may also experience dry mouth. You have to research your lifestyle and what you do to find the real cause of the issue. It will be the best way to solve the problem permanently if you can adjust.

Losing your sense of taste while in the middle of a wonderful vaping experience is the last thing you want to experience. It’s an experience you wouldn’t want to have as it affects your vaping lifestyle. If you have a vaper’s tongue, do not hesitate to try the above tricks. Experienced and amateur vapers have benefited from these tricks. 

In fact, they come highly recommended for anyone experiencing the problem for the first time. However, be sure that if the problem is lifestyle-related, you might have to change it. For instance, if you’re taking prescription medication, you might have to seek an alternative way to solve your health problem. If not, the most appropriate way out will be to stop smoking. 

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