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The Top Vape Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Do you want to get the latest vape information, reviews, and even e-juice recipes? There’s an app for that. Read on to learn more about vape apps and discover the top vape apps of 2022.

In this Guide:

What Is a Vape App?

Put simply, a vape app makes it easier and more fun to vape. These apps cover everything from e-juice reviews to finding a nearby shop to mixing e-liquids. Some offer ways to simplify the complex technical knowledge required if you want to sub-ohm vape or use an advanced vaping device.

Why Did Apple Remove Some Vapor Apps from the Apple Store?

Most of the vape apps are only available for Android users. You may wonder why there are very few apps available for iOS users. That was a deliberate step by Apple.

In 2019, Apple removed more than 181 vape-related apps from its Apple store in one day. The company did this in response to what it called a “youth epidemic” and “public health crisis.” A spokesperson for the company issued a statement saying, “We’re constantly evaluating apps and consulting the latest evidence to determine risks to users’ health and well-being.”

Apple apparently didn’t consult any of the health organizations and researchers who have shown that switching to vapes is the single best way to help people quit smoking cigarettes.

Fortunately, Android is still a vape-friendly operating system.

Most Popular Vape Apps

Based on download numbers and reviews, these are the top vape apps of 2022. Unless otherwise noted, each is only available for Android.

1. Vape Boss

Vape Boss bills itself as the most comprehensive vape app available. It seems to live up to that promise with a wealth of helpful features. Start with a vape store finder and a “find this product” feature that tells you where to buy a particular product. Vape store reviews, a digital wish list, and blog or video reviews keep you informed on all the e-juice and vape devices out there. Unlike some social media platforms that are hostile to vapers, Vape Boss provides its own social media community for vapers. This is truly a vape app with something for everyone. It is free to download.

2. Vape Tool

Designed for sub-ohm users and coil builders, this app makes it easy to build the perfect vape device for your needs. This app simplifies the complicated calculations you need. It includes a coil calculator, recipes, and a sweet spot finder to calculate the perfect power for your setup. Keep track of recipes and settings with ease. The free app is available for Android and iOS.

3. E-Liquid Calculator

Have you been trying and failing to make your own e-juices? Instead of throwing away one failed experiment after another, calculate your ingredient ratios before you start. This app helps you figure out how to calculate the ratios of your carrier liquids, how much nicotine to add, and how much of each ingredient to add to your juice mix.

4. E-Cig Diary

This app is aimed at people who want to quit smoking by switching to vaping. At first, it can be hard to stay on track with your goal to quit smoking. This diary can help by tracking how much time you’re spending on vapes instead of cigarettes, how much money you’re spending, and how those numbers compare to the costs of smoking. This is a free app that also comes as an open-source download.

5. E-Liquid Recipes

If you’re going to make e-juice, you need good, reliable recipes that deliver the exact flavors you want. What percentages of certain flavors worked for you? With this app, you’ll get access to more than 3,000 ready-to-use recipes and reviews of each. If you’ve experimented with your recipes, the app will keep track of the ingredients, flavors, and percentages of each ingredient you used. The app is lively and interactive, so recipes and information are always current.

6. VaporCalc

This is the ideal app for coil builders and others who want more advanced vape setups. Aimed at first-time coil builders, this app features an Ohm’s law calculator that helps you set the correct amperage, voltage, wattage, and resistance of your atomizer to get the flavor and cloud production you want.

7. Vapor Map

Vapor Map is the ideal way to find local vape stores. You can look at local user reviews and get a preview of the products the store stocks. The app includes a GPS-enabled notification that alerts you when you’re within two miles of the shop you want to visit. This is helpful for shops that may be hard to find or not on major roads.

8. Ohm’s Law

Like VaporCalc and Vape Tool, this is a useful app for calculating current, resistance, power, and voltage when you set up your device. With this feature, you can enter all the variables you know, and the app will calculate the unknown variables for you. It’s a simple, easy-to-use app that is available for free.

9. E-Juice Lab

This is another recipe app that’s free to download. You can use a classic calculator that gives you the amounts of nicotine and carrier liquids you need to create the perfect juice flavor. A second calculator lets you calculate ingredients based on premixed carrier bases and with varying nicotine levels. You can use weight or volume measurements as you build, save, and share your recipes. It is available for Android and iOS.

Above all, top 9 Vape Apps for Android and iOS in 2022, hope it can help you. However, these apps are not stable to install because of the vaping banning. If you want to buy online stably, you can choose to shop on Youmeit shop, we sell Suorin vape devices and their refillable cartridges, and disposable vapes! You can check and get your loved one!

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