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Top 11 Apps for Vapers

There’s an app for everything else, so why wouldn’t there be at least one for vapers? We’ve rounded up the best mobile apps that make vaping even more fun. Here’s our list of the top apps worth adding to your lineup.

For Android and iOS Platforms

1. LQD Vape App

If you’re on the hunt for a new vape juice, turn on the LQD app to get all the information you need. With this review app, you can find reviews for almost every vape juice available on the market. It also rates vape stores on their customer service, merchandise, and quality. Write your reviews to help others find the perfect juice or the perfect vape store—or stay away from bad ones. The app will also show you whether the juice is available at a vape store near you. LQD is available for iOS or Android at VapeApp.

Apps for Android Users

While the Apple App Store has removed many vape apps, the Google Play Store is still a welcoming place for vapers and vape apps. Here are the best apps for Android users.

2. Vaffle App for Vapers

Vaffle is vaping’s answer to Instagram and other social media sites. While other social media has turned on vaping, Vaffle is a high-quality community app that embraces vapers and gives them a place to call home. You can meet fellow vapers using the app, read user reviews of juices and devices, share photos, trade messages, and more. If you feel out of place on other social media platforms, get the Vaffle app. Currently, it’s only available for Android users.

3. Vape Boss

One of the most popular vaping apps, this app is designed to make vaping easier and more enjoyable. It does this with reviews of liquids, devices, cartridges, and other vaping accessories. It also supplies detailed information on different styles of vaping, so you can explore new ways to indulge. The app comes with a vape store finder, social media platform, community reviews, and a “find this product” feature. You can get it free for Android.

4. Vape Tool

If you enjoy sub-ohm vaping or rebuildable devices, you need a good handle on electronics and technology. You must know how to calculate resistance, build coils and adjust different diameters when using a new device. It can all get a little overwhelming, which is why the Vape Tool was born. While it won’t do all the work for you, it can make it a lot easier. The Vape Tool has a free version and a paid version that offers more advanced features. Download it for free from VapeTool.

5. E-Cig Diary App for Vapers

This is an outstanding app for smokers who have just switched to vaping. It’s especially useful for those who still occasionally smoke cigarettes. Designed to keep former smokers from lighting up again, it lets you keep track of how much you’re vaping compared to how much you’re smoking. It allows you to track your progress over time and shows you how many benefits you’re getting by not smoking cigarettes. The app gets great reviews from users who say it has helped them give up smoking. Get the free download here.

6. E-Liquid Calculator

If you have a hankering to create your own e-juice recipes, let the E-Liquid Calculator be your guide. This recipe-building app allows you to enter your favorite levels of propylene glycol, glycerin and nicotine. Using this as a base, the app helps you add flavors, save your recipes and add them to your Google Drive files. When you want to make that perfect concoction again, the recipe will be ready. It also has a coil tool to help you build the ideal setup for your new juice. Get the ad-free app for 99 cents at the Google Play Store.

7. VaporSuite

VaporSuite has something for every vaper. It has recipe builders for those who want to create their own juices, a vaping monitor, and a calculator that tells you how much you spend on vaping. It is free for a trial period, but you’ll have to subscribe to continue using it. VaporSuite comes with calculators to help you with coil design and Ohm’s law. Download the app free from the Google Play Store.

8. Vape Architect

This is a fun app for vapers who want vape-related games. This mobile game allows you to build an arsenal of devices, juices, and other tools that you use in virtual vaping competitions. Go head-to-head with other vapers in cloud-chasing competitions. Build your collection as you rise through the ranks to become the top vaper. This mobile game is available from the Google Play Store.

Best Apps for iOS

We have some bad news for iOS users. Most of the best new apps are only available for Android users. Unfortunately, the Apple App Store has removed many apps dedicated to vaping. It can be difficult to find vape-friendly platforms and apps that will work on iOS devices. Here are some of the best you can still find.

9. Vape Maps

Are you traveling? Did you just move to a new neighborhood? If you have, you need information about the best and closest vape stores where you can stock up on juice and accessories. With Vape Maps, you never have to wonder where you’ll get your supplies. The app gives you a store locator, product lists, and user reviews. It’s free to download from the Apple App Store.

10. Coil Calculator

Designed for anyone who wants to build their own coils, this handy app will walk you through the whole process. It’s ideal for beginners, but even experienced vapers will find it useful. Get easy-to-use forms that calculate Ohm’s law, coil spacing, coil resistance, heat flux, number of wraps, and everything else you need to rebuild the perfect coil. The app works on iOS and is free from the Apple Store.

11. VapeMate 

Like the E-Cig Diary for Android users, this app is designed for former smokers who now vape. It tracks how long it’s been since you made the switch to vaping, how much you’ve spent on vaping compared to smoking, and other intriguing facts. It’s free from the Apple App Store.

Get Mobile with the Best Vaping Apps

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