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The Best Small Vape Devices

Box mods are excellent for most vapers. They deliver power, advanced features, and customizable options to create a great vaping experience. On the other hand, small vape devices have their place in your vaping collection. If you want to go smaller, it may be difficult to find a small device that delivers the vaping satisfaction you want. Here’s our guide to the best small devices.


What Counts as a Small Vape Device?

In this article, we’re looking at the two smallest vape devices that are refillable and rechargeable.

Pod mods: Also known as pod vapes, these devices typically consist of two pieces. They have a device with a built-in battery and a small pod that holds the coils and the juice.

In the early days of vaping, pod mods were considered inferior, “entry-level” products. Today, all the best vape makers have created a line of pod mods. Pod mods are now the top-selling style of all vape devices.

Vape pens: These devices get their name from their slender, pen-like shape. They are compact, easy-to-use devices. A vape pen usually has a long body that holds the battery and a refillable cartridge. Some have a separate coil, but they’re all easy to assemble and use.

Like pod mods, they once had a poor reputation for quality and flavor production. Today, you can find high-quality vape pens produced by all the major vape manufacturers.

DisposablesDisposable vape devices are designed for one-time use. They come with a prefilled pod and are ready to use right out of the box.

Pros and Cons of a Small Device

If you’ve gotten used to your box mod, you may wonder why you should consider getting a pod mod or vape pen. They have many advantages, but they also have some downsides. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of these small devices.

Pros of small vapes

  • Portable: Bring your device with you when you travel or go out on the town. These compact items fit in your pocket or purse.
  • Easy: Small devices are easy to use, even for first-time vapers. They are ideal for smokers who want to switch to vaping.
  • Affordable: These devices have small price tags, and you don’t need a lot of parts or accessories. The refillable pods are reasonably priced. These devices use up juice slowly compared to large mods, so you’ll save money on juice.
  • Convenient: These devices are excellent as backup devices. If your box mod stops working for any reason, you can still enjoy vaping with one of these.
  • Stealth: If you’re stealth vaping—and most of us are—you need a device that is easy to hide and doesn’t produce too many clouds. A small device is perfect for this situation.
  • Variety: You can use any type or flavor of juice on these devices. Although many people say nicotine salts work best, many vapers use freebase liquids in these devices.

Cons of small vapes

  • Low power: These devices rarely reach the heat or power levels of larger devices. You’ll still get excellent flavor and some clouds, but you won’t get the complex flavors and billowing clouds a box mod produces.
  • Small pods: The pods on these devices typically hold 2 to 3 ml of e-juice. If you’re using the device away from home, you should bring a small bottle of liquid to refill the pod during the day.
  • Small batteries: These small devices have small batteries. If you vape all day, you will have to recharge the device at least once. People who bring their vapes to work should bring the charger with them.

How Small Devices Differ from Large Vape Mods

If you’ve seen vape mods, you may have wondered why they are so large. There are good reasons for their chunky size, and these reasons are precisely why experienced vapers prefer them.

Batteries: These devices have large, high-powered batteries. Besides this, many have two or even three batteries. They need them to run the many features and advanced heating that only these large devices are capable of handling.

Power: These box mods are capable of high heat and high wattage output. While a typical pod mod or vape pen might go as high as 25 watts, a box mod can safely handle up to 80 watts. Some advanced models will even go to 100.

Sub-ohm vaping: This is an advanced style of vaping that some vapers enjoy. It’s impossible to vape this way on a small device.

Circuitry and wiring: These devices have complicated circuits and wiring. These are necessary to produce the advanced features that experienced vapers demand. The box needs to be large enough to accommodate all this circuitry safely. Small devices, on the other hand, are more straightforward in their build.

Top 5 Small Vape Devices

Are you ready to go small? Our list includes the top three pod mods, one vape pen, and one disposable.

Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit


Like all Suorin products, the Air Pro is a high-quality device that delivers outstanding flavor. The sleek design and beautiful finish make this pod mod an attractive companion for all your vaping adventures.

  • Internal 930mAh battery.
  • Longer pod life than other devices in its category.
  • The large pod holds 4.9 ml of juice.
  • Stylish design and finish.
  • Available in 18 stunning colors.


Suorin ACE Pod


Suorin was the first to set the standard for high-quality pod mods. The Suorin ACE continues that tradition with an edgy design and a 5-way protection system.

  • Internal 1000mAh battery.
  • Comes with a type-C capable charger.
  • The pod holds 2 ml of juice.
  • Sleek, edgy design.
  • Available in 12 fashionable colors.


Suorin Shine Pod Kit


The Suorin Shine takes the pod mod to new heights with this slender, draw-activated device. Enjoy long life and fast charging in a pod mod that’s easy to use. It includes a pure cotton coil, which is what you’d expect to find in a more expensive model.

  • Internal 700mAh battery.
  • LED display.
  • The pod holds 2 ml.
  • Slim, elegant style.
  • Comes in 8 beautiful colors.


Manba Vape Pen


Make vaping more fun with the stylish, sporty Manba vape pen. This pen comes with a clear nozzle and an LED display ring that creates a unique visual effect.

  • Internal 650mAh battery
  • LED display ring.
  • The pod holds 2.7 ml of liquid.
  • Sporty, fun design.
  • Comes in four vivid colors.


Air Bar Lux 7 Disposable


The Air Bar Lux 7 disposable device is a slender vape pen that you use once. With 1000 puffs, this device should last the average user all day.

  • Internal 500mAh battery.
  • Uses 5% salt nicotine liquid.
  • The pod is prefilled with 2.7 ml of liquid.
  • Sophisticated styling.
  • Comes in 8 flavors, and each has its own color.


Go Small for Big Flavor


A small device makes vaping fun. Take your small devices on the road or to your next party. Enjoy the ease and convenience of a small device. Youmeit also sells the disposable small vape pen. You can pick one here!


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