Suorin Trio 85 User Manual

 Suorin Trio 85 Vape mod System is an innovative pod mod device that combines lightweight portability with a powerful build to bring you a high-quality vaping experience.

Size:  122mm x 35mm x 29mm ( Height Width Length)

Material: Metal+PC+Ergonomic Leather

Atomizer Capacity: 5.0ml/2.0ml (TPD)

Charging current: 1.0 A

Max OutputWattage: 85W

Max Output current: 25A

Charging Interface: Type -C

Coil Resistance: 

Tri Single Mesh 0.4Ω, 50-60W (Pre-installed) 

Tri Triple Mesh 0.2Ω, 65-75W (Pre-installed) 

Tri Single Mesh 0.2Ω, 55-65W (Sold separately)

Tri Single Mesh 0.6Ω, 28-38W (Sold separately) 

Tri Single Coil RBA (RBA Mode,Sold separately)

Suorin Trio 85

How to set up Suorin Trio 85?

Step 1 Insert the coil into Suorin Trio 85 cartridge

Suorin Trio 85 setup step 1

Step 3  Fill the e-liquid in  the cartridge

Suorin Trio 85 setup step 3

Step 2 Open the silicone plug of Cartridge

Suorin Trio 85 setup step 2
Step 4  Install battery

1. Open the battery cover
2. Place a single 18650 battery into the device according to the correct
3.Close the battery cap.

Suorin Trio 85 setup step 4

Step 5  Install the cartridge and finish the setup

Suorin Trio 85 setup step 5

Note: Please let the cartridge stand for 5-8 minutes after filling e-liquid. Make sure the cotton is fully saturated.

How often to change the replacement coil?

lt is recommended to change a new coil after filling e-liquid 5-8 times or within 7 days after e-liquid filling.

How to POWER ON/OFF Suorin Trio 85 Mod Kit?

Press the fire button 5 times continuously in 2 seconds to turn on/off the device. The screen displays the on/off page and then enters the main screen/off state.

How to adjust the wattage of the Suorin Trio 85 Mod Kit?

In the unlocked state, press the“+” or”-” to increase or decrease the wattage.

How to lock/unlock the Wattage?

Press the fire button 3 times continuously to lock or unlock the wattage. The screen displays“WATTAGE LOCKED” or” WATTAGE UNLOCKED correspondingly.

How to change AUTO MODE/RBA MODE?

Press the fire button and“-” simultaneously to switch between RBA mode and AUTO mode. The color of wattage and mode will change correspondingly. The single mesh coil and triple mesh coil should be used in the AUTO Mode.

How to Check PUFF DATA?

Press the“+” and“-” simultaneously to enter the Puff Data mode. Press”+” or “-” to view the puff data for the recent 2 weeks. Press the fire button for 5 seconds to exit, or wait for 5 seconds to exit automatically!

How to clear PUFF DATA?

In the puff data view state, press the fire button and “+” simultaneously. When “Puff Clear Data” appears, press “+” or “-” for “Yes” or “No”, then press the fire button for 3 seconds to confirm the selection.

How to charge Suorin Trio 85 mod kit?

Plug in the power supply, then the charging status will be shown on the screen. If the device’s battery cannot be charged, check that the charger cord
is fully connected to the Type-C port.
Note: Don’t use the product when charging. Please use a certified adapter and 18650 battery.

Suorin Trio 85 Display screen

What to do if the aerosol is not emitted normally when puffing on the device?

a. Confirm that the cartridge is properly in place and tightly connected to the device.
b. Confirm the device is under the “on” state.
c.Confirm that sufficient e-liquid remains in the cartridge. If not, refill the cartridge.
d. Confirm that adequate charge remains in the battery. If not, please charge as soon as possible. If the product still does not work, email our customer service center at or for further assistance.

Suorin Trio 85 User Manual -Contra-Indications:

  • When the product is used with e-liquids, it’s not recommended for
  • Pregnant women, those who suspect they may be pregnant or plans to become pregnant in the near term or are breastfeeding
  • People who are assuming nicotine through other devices or safeguards designed to detox from nicotine such as plasters, pills, and chewing gum.
  • People in interdiction condition or disabled and mentally incapacitated temporarily or permanently

Suorin Trio 85 User Manual – Warnings for Specific Risk Groups

  • When the product is used with e-liquids, call your doctor before using this product if:
  • You have any medical condition which includes, but is not limited to, heart failure or other heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma kidney or liver disease psychiatric disorders
  • You suffer from gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • You are allergic to one or more labeled ingredients
  • You are using any medication that may interact with nicotine
  • You suffer from a pre-existing disease that the advice of your doctor may be a contraindication
  • You have any doubt about the use of the product

Suorin Trio 85 User Manual – Possible Adverse Effects

When the product is used with e-liquids: After skin/eye contact rinse with plenty of water and contact your doctor if irritation reactions will appear. Possible effects of nicotine consumption are: Coughing, headache, irritation of the
Mouth and throat, nasal congestion, aphthous ulcers, sore throat anxiety, 
insomnia, depression, discomfort nausea, dry mouth, heartburn, aching joints, diarrhea. meteorism, allergy(skin eruption. shortness of breath labored breath tightness of the chest. swelling of the face tongue, and lips)feeling thirst, hiccups, chest pain, fever irregular or increased heartbeat dizziness, sleepiness. Possible adverse effects associated with overdose: Nausea salivation
abdominal pain, diarrhea, sweating, headache, dizziness hearing problems weakness, and palpitation.

Addictiveness and Toxicity

When the product is used with e-liquids containing nicotine: Nicotine is a highly toxic addictive substance!

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