Suorin Air Starter Kit User Manual

Suorin Air is a stylish vape pod system device for new vapors or small vape devices vaping lovers.  With its light, thin, stylish, and excellent taste, it wins the favor of consumers of over 90 countries. It is a refillable device that allows vapors to enjoy their favorite e-liquid.

Size:  88mm x 8mm x 45mm ( Height Width Length)

Material:  Metal + PC

Atomizer Capacity: 2ml (About 550 Puffs)

Coil Resistance: 1.2Ω

Battery capacity: 500 mAh

Charging current: 700mA

Working voltage:  3.3 – 4.2V

Max Power: 16W

Charging Interface: Micro USB

suorin air design details

What does Suorin Air indicate light means?

Suorin Air has an indicator led light on its body bottom. At different power statuses, the indicator LED light will show different colors.

  • When the side light is blue, it indicates the power is more than 50%;
  • When the side light is red, it indicates the power is less than 50%;
  • When the product is charging, the side light is blue.
suorin air indicator light

How to add the e-liquid to the Suorin Air Atomizer?

  1. Open the cartridge silicone black lid
  2. Fill the e-liquid in the cartridge with the oil-adding hole
  3. Observe the e-liquid entering until it is full( at least reach the min line)
  4. Close the cartridge silicone black lid and install it on the device
  5. Please wait for 5-8 minutes after filling the e-liquid to make sure the coil cotton is fully saturated.
Suorin Air user manual oil filling

1. Combine the cartridge with the battery, then switch it on.
2. When first using the new atomizer, please wait for 5-8 minutes after injecting oil.
3. When the red light flickers, it indicates low power and should be charged in time.

Failure description
1. Unable to be charged: Check whether the USB is connected to the port.
2. Unable to normally exhaust smoke. Bb
a.Check whether the atomizer is connected well with the battery.
b.Check whether the switch is on.
c.Check whether the atomizer still has tobacco tar. d.Check whether the product is powered off. If yes, please charge it in time. Once the product still
can not work, please contact our agents or send the email to our customer service center.

1. Prohibit throwing the product into fire.
2. Please be away from pregnant women.
3. Please be away from the females in the lactation period.
4. Juveniles are prohibited to use this product.
5. Please put the waste battery in the recovery place.
6. Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, and respiratory diseases shall use this product carefully.
7. When taking the flight or under the negative pressure, please place the atomizer upside down.

Where to Buy Suorin Air?

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