Suorin Air Plus Cartridge 3.5ml 1pcs/Pack

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suorin air-plus cartridge
This item: Suorin Air Plus Cartridge 3.5ml 1pcs/Pack
$ 3.49
$ 3.49
1 × Suorin Air Plus Pod Kit 930mAh
$ 24.99


Suorin Air Plus replacement cartridge features a 3.5 ml e-liquid capacity, it is only compatible with the Suorin Air Plus pod kit. It has 2 resistance cartridge versions 0.7-ohm and 1.0-ohm cartridges. The value of resistance ohm will affect the vape clouds produced and the flavor hits. The lower the ohm vape coil, the more vapor and flavor you will get. If you love to enjoy vaping with huge vape clouds and intense flavor hits, you can choose the 0.7-ohm resistance coil cartridge.  What’s more, it can be used with Nic-Salt e-liquids, Freebase e-liquids, and Nicotine-Free e-liquids.


How to Refill e-liquid in Suorin Air Plus Replacement Cartridge?

1. Plug out the Rubber part

2. Inject the e-liquid or nicotine salt through the hole

3. Please wait for 5-8 minutes after adding e-liquid to make sure the cotton is fully wet by juice

When should I replace the Suorin Air Plus Replacement Cartridge?

When the flavor of your e-liquid starts to taste muted or taste burnt, it is time for you to replace the replacement cartridge. And for a better vaping experience, it is recommended to change a new cartridge after filling 5-8 times or within 7 days after e-liquid filling.

Physical Parameter:

Brand: Suorin

Product Type: Cartridge

Capacity: 3.5ml

Resistance: 0.7ohm/ 1.0 ohm

Packing list:

1 x 1.0-ohm Suorin Air Plus Cartridge (If you buy the 1.0-ohm one)


1 x 0.7-ohm Suorin Air Plus Cartridge (If you buy the 0.7-ohm one)

1. Please read the Suorin Air Plus user manual carefully before using this device.
2. 3 months for the kits and no warranty for the rest spare parts and excluding the human-caused problem.

Additional information


0.7ohm, 1.0ohm


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