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Manba FAQs

How long does a Manba vape pen last?

A Manba vape pen will last for approximately 800 puffs

How much does a Manba pen cost?

A manba vape pen costs $13.90 = shipping which will vary depending on your shipping address.

Where to buy a Manba vape pen?

The best place to buy a Manba vape pen is directly from the manufacturer. YouMe Group manufacturer all Manba devices and you can buy all our brands direct here in our official shop. 

Are Manba vape pens better than JUUL?

<span">Yes, Manba vape pens are better than JUUL, especially when it comes to available flavors.

Can I refill a Manba vape pen?

No, a Manba vape pen is disposable which means once it is empty you can simply dispose of it and get a new one.