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how old do you have to be to vape

How Old Do You Have to Be to Vape? Laws Around the World

Most countries treat vaping as an adult activity. Every country sets minimum age requirements for purchasing and using vape devices, vape juice, and e-cigarettes. Some countries also regulate advertising for vape products, and many have laws prohibiting vaping in public.

Our guide to vaping worldwide will give you a general idea of what to expect, but laws change regularly. If you plan to vape when you travel, get the specific rules for the country you plan to visit.

In this Guide:

What’s the Minimum Vaping Age in Europe?

The European Union has set 18 as the minimum age for member countries. Each country, however, has its own rules and regulations. Sometimes, these rules can vary even within the country. For example, in the United Kingdom, it’s legal to vape anywhere except inside enclosed public spaces. In contrast, Ireland has banned vaping in all indoor workplaces, including bars and restaurants.

In Germany, vaping in restaurants is allowed in some regions and prohibited in others. Many public places in Germany, including restaurants and cafes, prohibit vaping.

In Belgium, the minimum smoking age is 16, and in Croatia, vaping is prohibited in all public places. In Luxembourg, it’s illegal to vape in a car if you have a passenger who’s under 12.

Switzerland bans the sale of all vape devices but allows users to have a small amount for personal consumption.

In countries outside the European Union, you’ll find a range of attitudes toward vaping. Serbia is a vape-friendly country where the only restrictions are on advertising and sponsorship.

In Turkey, the minimum age to vape is 19. However, e-cigarettes are banned in public places.

Other European countries have similar variations in their rules for vaping. If you plan to travel to Europe, research each country you visit and the specific laws.

What’s the Minimum Vaping Age in the Americas?

Canada’s vaping laws are similar to those of the United States. The minimum age is 18, and there are many places to buy vape supplies.

Latin American countries have some strict vaping laws. Despite this, increasing numbers of people in South and Central America have started vaping. E-cigarettes are illegal in Argentina, Brazil, Panama, and Venezuela. You can’t bring your vape products with you, and you can’t expect to buy any devices or juices while you’re there. However, there are no laws specifically related to vapes or vaping in Colombia and Peru.

In Mexico, vapes have been banned, but the law is currently under review, and vape shops exist.

The only countries where vaping and vape sales are entirely legal are Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, and Paraguay. In these countries, the minimum age is 18.

What’s the Minimum Vaping Age in the United States?

In December 2019, Congress passed a federal Tobacco 21 legislation in response to pressure from anti-smoking groups and concerned parents. On December 20, 2017, the new law was signed by President Trump and took effect immediately. Although its focus is on cigarettes and other tobacco products, the motivation to pass the law came from a desire to prevent teenage vaping.

The minimum age is 18 to buy vapes, e-cigarettes, or juices. However, it’s important to note that this is a federal law, and some states have set their own requirements.

This has led to a mix of laws. In Alabama, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, and Wyoming, you must be 21 to use vape devices. You can legally use them in California, Pennsylvania, and Virginia if you’re 21 or 18 and in the military. In Texas, minors can use vape devices with the approval of a parent or guardian.

Most states also have laws about where you can use vapes. Many states, including Colorado and Connecticut, make it illegal to use them around minors. Most states also class them as cigarettes regarding where you can smoke them. Generally speaking, if smoking cigarettes is illegal somewhere, vaping is, too.

What’s the Minimum Vaping Age in Asia and the Pacific?

Even though many vape manufacturers are based in Asia, it’s hard to find countries where you can legally vape. E-cigarettes and vape devices are legal in China, but they are illegal in Cambodia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. They are also banned in some parts of India.

These laws are extremely strict. In Thailand, vaping can get you 10 years in prison.

Australia’s vape laws vary from state to state, and all e-juices with nicotine are banned.

What’s the Minimum Vaping Age in Africa?

The minimum vaping age in most African countries is 18, but laws on vaping vary across the continent. You can legally vape in Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Lesotho, South Africa, and Swaziland. Vaping is legal in Botswana and Namibia, and both countries have vape shops.

Vaping is legal in Mauritius and Madagascar, but it’s hard to find supplies in those countries.

In South Africa, vaping is legal but only with non-nicotine juices.

There are many countries in Africa with vague vaping laws. It isn’t clear whether you’ll get in trouble if you vape there, but it’s best not to take a chance.

Be Cautious When Traveling with Your Vape

For many of us, it’s hard to imagine traveling anywhere without our trusted vape stash. If you travel to vape-friendly countries, you won’t have any difficulty. However, traveling to those where it’s illegal, or the laws are confusing can land you in trouble.

Laws about vaping are constantly changing. Before traveling somewhere, look up the latest information from a reputable source. Avoid countries with vague or hostile vape laws if you can’t travel without vaping. You can prepare your vape devices in advance! There are many Suorin vape pods that are small and easy to carry with a great design!

Suorin Shine Pod Kit

The Shine is one of the simplest pod mod kits available. It is a high-quality mini vape device that will keep you vaping happily all day. The slender shape looks like a cigarette, and the narrow airflow gives you an enjoyable throat hit.

  • Internal 700mAH battery
  • Pod capacity 2 ml
  • Battery level indicator lights
  • High-quality coils
  • Available in 8 beautiful colors

 Suorin Ace Pod Kit

Suorin Ace Red

The Ace features an extra-large battery, so you won’t have to recharge it often. It’s a compact device that features security protection and a solid build.

  • 1000mAH internal battery
  • Cartridge capacity 2 ml
  • Cute, compact design
  • Type-C charging capability
  • Comes in 12 striking colors

Suorin Drop 2

The Suorin Drop 2 has all the things that made the original Suorin Drop great. New graphics and colors combine with the unusual drop shape to create a great-looking device.  It also has a long battery life and a larger pod with a pocket-size design.

  • 1000mAh internal battery
  • Pod capacity 3.7 ml
  • Unique drop shape
  • Advanced coil technology
  • Comes in 6 stunning colors

 Suorin Air Mod

The gorgeous Air Mod is an excellent choice for vapers who are already familiar with the basics of using pod mods. You get two replaceable coils to customize your vape experience. It is one of Suorin’s most advanced pod mods with type-C charging and long battery life. However, it’s still easy to use, and it delivers the throat hit and flavor that smokers crave.

  • Internal 1500mAh battery
  • Pod capacity 3 ml
  • Patented airflow design
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Available in 8 beautiful colors

These are all the small vapes you can choose to carry for traveling! Of course, you can choose high-quality disposable vapes which can meet your needs! Most of them are small and convenient to carry!

Vapsi Nature Disposable Vape

Vapsi is a great new disposable vape with organic vape juice, it is only naturally derived ingredients, no essential oil, and no synthetic flavors! It has 11 flavors including Blueberry Ice, Caramel Tobacco, Cola, Cool Mint, Energy Drink Ice, Grape Ice, Green Apple, Mango Ice, Pink Lemonade, strawberry pomegranate, and watermelon ice!

Up to 1200 puffs.

Built-in 550mAh battery.

The pod holds 3.2 ml of liquid.

Juice has 3% or 0 nicotine.

Comes in 11 flavors with matching colors.


Quawins Bravo Max—Perfect for Every Vaper

This slender, stylish device comes in 12 flavors and colors.

Quawins Bravo Max is designed for portability, with a sleek and compact design that makes it easy to take with you on the go. It features a unique USB charging feature, which allows you to charge your device using any standard USB port. Plus, the Bravo Max comes with 10 different flavors of e-juice, so you can find the perfect flavor to suit your taste.

The Bravo Max also features an onboard 800mAh battery, which provides up to 5000 puffs per charge. Plus, the Bravo Max uses a new mesh coil technology that is more efficient and durable than traditional coils, making it a great choice for vapers looking for a long-lasting and reliable device.

The capacity of 7.5ml e-juice allows you to enjoy your vaping experience for a long time without having to refill. The unique design makes the Bravo Max a great choice for any vaper looking for a compact and durable device.

VapeJoy has been making highly regarded vape devices for decades, and that quality is clear in this disposable device. If you want an outstanding vape experience in a disposable, you’ve found it. Its flavors include strawberry mango, watermelon ice, and mixed berries.

  • 5000 puffs.
  • Built-in 850mAh battery.
  • The pod holds 12 ml of liquid.
  • Juice has 5% nicotine.
  • Comes in 12 flavors with matching colors.

Quawins VFun Disposable Vape Kit—Start the Beach Party

The Quawins VFUN design, fruity flavors, and bright colors of this device will make you think of cocktails on the beach. This disposable vape comes in 10 flavors, including strawberry mango, blueberry lychee, and peach ice. It features a vape pen style with a slender, transparent mouthpiece.

  • 1000 puffs.
  • Built-in 650mAh battery.
  • The pod holds 3.2 ml of liquid.
  • Has 5% nicotine.
  • Available in 10 fruity flavors.

Quawins Cocktail Panda Dual-Flavor Disposable—Long-Lasting Fun

Cocktail Panda is the first disposable with an automatic flavor switcher. Each device comes with two flavors, and the flavors switch every 10 puffs. Independent airflow on each side means you get true double flavors with no taste string. Flavor combinations include bubble gum/grape ice, cotton candy/strawberry kiwi, and blue raspberry lemon/pina colada.

  • 3000 puffs.
  • Built-in battery.
  • The double pod holds 8 ml.
  • Cute panda design.
  • Comes in 10 dual flavors.

Disposable vapes are a good way to vape on the road or try new flavors.

Having a suitable vape for vapors can give you a more happy experience in a journal! Preparing anything in advance is the best habit for you! Hope the article can help you travel aboard!

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