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What are Youmeit Points?

Youmeit Points are for Youmeit users only. Points can be used as a discount on orders. 

How to Get Points?

There are several ways to get Youmeit points.

1) Registration: Register as new customer  will be award 100 points

2) Subscribe the Newsletter: First time you subscribe the newsletter will get 100 points

3) Review products:  Post reviews with photos or videos for purchased items, you will be award 100 points.

4) Place orders: When order shipped completely, Ymevaper system will add points automatically to corresponding account. Such product value is $100, you will get 100 points.

How to Use Points?

1. You need to have at least 100 points before you can use them to receive a discount.
2. 100 points = $1.00.
3. Points cannot be used together with coupons, email exclusive prices, app exclusive prices, flash sales, super deals, clearance prices and other discounts.
4. You can use 2,500 points in maximum to receive the discount of $50, but the actual discount you gain could not exceed 30 % of an order's price.
5. Points cannot be used with third-party stores.

Youmeit Points Rules

Points can be accumulated and valid for 1 year. If you get the points on Jan 1st,2019, without using them, they will be invalid on Jan 2nd, 2020 automatically .