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Our company

YouMe Group is an innovative group company with health as its mission, focusing on the exploration of the new tobacco era. Relying on technological innovation, YouMe is committed to improving the health of smokers. It launches a multi-brand strategy and built a product system from traditional cigarette purification devices to smart electronic cigarettes including Suorin, Vapejoy and Manba etc.


Suorin international business line, Idols domestic business line, YouMe HnB business line. Three main business lines covering 3 tobacco brands in 4 major markets in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and China. YOUME GROUP also owns two ODM/OEM brands, KuQu and JK.

Brand History

In 2017, the founders lay out the golobal market for e-cigarettes, focusing on electronics and atomization research

In 2018,  YOUME established a complete R&D, SCM, Channels, and Quality Control system.  Our brand Suorin is one of the Top 3 most popular atomized products in the United States

In 2020, YOUME Group's PMTA application which included both closed and open products was formally accepted by the FDA.

Future: We are dedicated to build up a super strong e-cigarette mall with the best price and the best quality for customers from all over the world.