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A Complete Guide to Every Type of Vape Devices

Do you ever wonder how many vape devices there are? In previous articles, we’ve walked you through some of the major vape types and helped you choose the best in each category. Here’s a roundup of every style, type, and device available to you. Which one will you pick? We’ve offered tips on that, too.


Different Products for Different Needs

Today’s vapers come to vaping from a variety of backgrounds, but there are three main groups:

  1. Former smokers looking for a better alternative to cigarettes
  2. Hobbyist vapers who love mixing e-juice flavors, building devices, and playing with clouds
  3. Young adults who have never smoked but enjoy the sensation of flavored vapor

The vaping industry has responded to the needs of these three groups with a wide range of products that suit every vaping style. Today’s vape brands now offer everything from complicated box mods to simple disposables. Vape juice makers have also responded with flavors and juice styles that suit the needs of all these vapers.

Evolution of Vaping

Does it sometimes seem like everyone around you is vaping? According to industry statistics, there were about 55 million vapers in the world by 2021, while in the U.S. 1 in 20 adults use a vape device. Vaping has evolved as an industry and a hobby, and more people are taking up the hobby every day.

Who are these vapers? Here are some interesting statistics from the Vape Preference Survey:

  • Most vapers are former smokers who want to quit or cut down
  • More than 90% said vaping helped them quit
  • Users of disposables and e-cigarettes listed price as their top priority
  • Box mod users listed power and performance as their top criteria

When it comes to juice:

  • Most vapers listed taste as the top quality they were looking for
  • Older vapers prefer tobacco and menthol flavors
  • Young vapers prefer fruit and dessert flavors
  • Half of mod vape users prefer sweet flavors

Most Common Types of Vape Devices

When you shop online or walk into your local vape store, are you amazed at all the different devices on offer? While it may seem like you’ll never tell one from the other, the truth is that all these devices fall into one of the following categories.

Disposables and E-Cigarettes

Many former smokers turn to disposable e-cigarettes, also known as cigalikes, when they first make the switch to vaping. These devices mimic the look of cigarettes and are available almost anywhere. These are easy to use and portable, and they make it easy to stay away from cigarettes if you’re traveling or at a party.


  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Require no refills or recharges


  • Very expensive for daily use
  • Wasteful
  • Can’t be refilled

Closed Pod Systems

Closed pod systems are slightly more involved than standard disposables. They work like pod mod vapes, and they typically include a rechargeable device and pre filled pods. They’re called “closed pod” systems because they only work with their matching, prefilled pods. These pods come filled with juice at a certain nicotine level.

A closed pod system is the most commonly used system for first-time vapers, and some vapers never experiment with anything beyond that. These devices are easy to use, but you’re stuck with the manufacturer’s choice of nicotine salt e-liquid level and flavor pods.

Typically, you’ll find tobacco, menthol, and a couple of fruit flavors among them. If the store is out of your favorite flavor, you’re out of luck.


  • Available 24/7 from convenience stores and gas stations
  • Easy to use
  • Closely mimic the experience of vaping


  • More expensive than using open pod systems
  • Can only choose preset nicotine levels
  • Limited flavor choices

Vape Pens

As its name implies, a vape pen is a device that looks like a ballpoint pen. It works like a box mod, but it packs the battery, drip tip, and cartridge into a small, portable device. Vape pens were once the most popular vape device, but they have been edged out by pod mods. Today’s vape pens feature advanced performance, and many have customizable options. They are still an excellent choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-use system that doesn’t have the limitations of a closed pod system.



  • Mimics smoking
  • Very easy to use
  • Deliver excellent flavor
  • Attractive designs
  • Unlimited juice choices
  • Huge range of device choices


  • Low wattage levels
  • Limited customization options
  • Small battery

Pod Vapes or Pod Mods

Pod mods, also known as open pod systems, have soared to the top of the vaping industry. They are now the most commonly purchased vape device, and there are good reasons for that. In their early days, they were seen as cheap, low-performance devices that couldn’t deliver a true vaping experience. Despite those criticisms, former smokers and others kept buying them because they were easy to use, affordable, and often very stylish.

Today’s pod mods are highly advanced compared to those original models. Vape manufacturers stepped up and enhanced these devices with high-quality coils, larger batteries, more custom options, and solid construction. At the same time, they have remained affordable. Today, even sophisticated, experienced vapers use pod mods.

A pod mod is still very simple to set up and use. It usually has two pieces: a device with an internal battery and a refillable cartridge or pod. To use it, you remove the pod, fill it with juice, and start vaping.


  • Easy to use
  • Advanced features
  • Portable
  • Deliver outstanding flavor
  • Allow stealth vaping
  • Use any juice
  • Stylish designs


  • Small battery
  • Only work with matching pods
  • Pods must be replaced periodically

Box Mods

Out of all the vaping devices, box mods use the most advanced technology. These are highly sophisticated, well-designed electronic devices with high-end safety protections.

Box mods use a single, double, or triple battery cell, and most use external batteries you must buy separately. They are highly customizable, and that’s why they remain the top choice for experienced vapers who want a truly individual experience. Box mod users are not limited to what comes with the device. They can change the batteries, vaporizers, atomizers, cartridges, and coils to build a device that matches their vaping expectations.

Box mods deliver outstanding flavor, strong throat hits, and billowing clouds. Their durable batteries last all day, and the large cartridges hold a substantial amount of juice. That makes them more enjoyable than using vape pens or pod mods that need to be regularly recharged and refilled.

However, all that advanced technology requires expert knowledge. These devices aren’t designed for beginners or those who want a system they can set up instantly. They’re for users who want a high-end vaping experience and are willing to learn new skills.


  • Fully customizable
  • Advanced performance
  • High-end safety features
  • Durable construction
  • Large batteries
  • Variable power
  • Use any freebase juice


  • Not easy to use
  • Require knowledge of electronics
  • Devices are more expensive than pod mods or vape pens

Types of Box Mods and Atomizers

When you talk about box mods, you are talking about a range of devices that you use in different ways. You may have heard about atomizers and the differences among atomizer types. All atomizers are either disposable, replaceable coil heads Vape devices, or rebuildable.


A rebuildable atomizer is a unit that has a deck holding the coils and wicks. The word refers to a technique that involves wrapping the coil, attaching it to the vape system, and adding a wick. When you buy this type of device, it comes with its own coils, but these are replaceable. You can customize the coil type and coil assembly to get the exact resistance level you prefer. Many users prefer to build their own coils, which is more affordable than buying replacement coils from the manufacturer.


A rebuildable tank atomizer or RTA is an RBA with a deck that contains a sealed chamber and tank pool to hold the juice. The chamber allows the juice to drip into the tank and soak the wick. The wet ends of the wick carry the juice to heating channels and onto the coil. The coil heats the juice and creates vapor.


An RDA stands for rebuildable drip atomizer. You don’t fill a cartridge with juice in this type of vape device. Instead, you drip your liquid directly onto the coil of your box mod. This style of vaping is sometimes known as dripping. The device may have a tank to hold the juice, but the tank is designed to only deliver juice a drop at a time. This style of vaping is popular among hobbyists, but it’s not practical for on-the-go vaping.

Squonk Mod

A squonk mod has an internal bottle that holds the vape juice. It uses narrow tubes to connect the device’s threading to the juice bottle, and it uses these tubes to move the vape liquid into the atomizer. The device gets its name from the “squonk” sound the juice makes as it moves into the tube. Using a squonk mod, also known as squonking, creates a vaping experience that’s similar to dripping with an RDA.

Should you try a rebuildable box mod? Many experienced vapers will tell you there is no comparison to the enjoyment they get from this style of vaping. If you are ready to take your vaping to the ultimate level, it’s worth trying one. You must understand, however, that these devices require a learning curve. They can also be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Take your time, go slowly, and use a well-made device from a trusted manufacturer.

Pros of Rebuildable Atomizers:

  • Outstanding flavor production
  • Dense clouds
  • Fully customizable
  • High-end vape experience
  • Uses the most advanced vaping technology

Cons of Rebuildable Atomizers:

  • Require advanced knowledge
  • Can be messy and complicated
  • Require safety precautions
  • Can’t use nicotine salt juices
  • Not practical for on-the-go vaping

Mini Box Mods

The latest arrival on the vaping scene is the mini box mod, such as the popular Suorin Elite. Designed for portability, this is a device that allows vapers to take a high-performance box mod vape devices with them when they travel or go out.


  • Portable
  • Variable temperature controls
  • Easier to use than full-size box mods
  • Permit stealth vaping


  • Small batteries
  • Lower power than a full-sized mod
  • May need frequent recharging

Vape Battery Types

Most vape devices have internal or external batteries. Most e-cigarettes, pod systems, and vape pens use internal batteries. Internal batteries make these devices convenient and easy to use. If the battery dies, however, you must replace the entire device. And now, there are more and more vapes are providing a longer battery life.

Box mods use external, replaceable batteries. You must buy a battery before you can use this type of device. Buying an external battery adds to the cost of using a box mod, but these batteries are powerful and long-lasting.

Which Vape Device Should You Choose?

The choice of vaping devices depends on what you want from vaping. If you want portability, ease of use, and the chance to stealth vape, choose a vape pen or pod mod. Many vapers stick with these convenient, easy-to-use devices forever and have no interest in trying other styles. If you’re already using one of these and want to enjoy a high-end vape experience, consider a box mod. Some box mods come in complete vape starter kits designed for first-time users. To choose the right device, read reviews, and talk to other users. With all the variety available, there is truly a vape device for everyone out there.

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