Vape Starter Kits FAQs

How much is a vape starter kit?

Vape starter kits range in price from $11.90 to $46.99. The price depends on the vape starter kit systems and features you’re looking for such as battery life, controls, and color/design. YouMeit shop will provide free shipping over $50!

Do I need a battery for a vape starter kit?

All vape devices need a battery. All vape starter kits we sell come with a built-in battery. Some manufacturers sell mods without batteries in which case you would need to buy a separate battery.

What’s the best vape starter kit?

As with all such questions, the answer does depend somewhat on your specific preferences. In general, the best vape starter kit for someone new to vaping is a simple device with a short learning curve. These days you can buy incredibly sophisticated and expensive mods, but a simple, portable device like the Suorin Air Starter Kit is a cheaper and easier way to start your vape journey. You can always upgrade later if you want, but there is no need to spend a fortune right away, and for most people, a starter kit like the Suorin Air will be all they need going forward. Want to know more? Check out the in-depth article on how to choose the best vape starter kit.

What comes in a vape starter kit?

A starter kit will usually include the vape mod (aka battery), a pod (or tank) which is where the e-juice lives, and a charging cable. A refillable vape device usually will not come with juice, so you will need to buy that separately. If you buy a disposable vape starter kit then it will come pre-filled with e-juice, so that is a great option for first-timers.

What’s the best-selling vape starter kit?

Our best-selling vape starter kit is the Suorion Air Starter Kit. It has sold extremely well ever since it was launched, though newer models like the Suorin Shine and Ace pod kits are fast catching up in terms of sales.


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