Disposable Vapes FAQs

What is the best disposable vape to buy?

The best disposable vape will depend on your personal preferences and budget. Do you plan on using it regularly or sporadically? What flavor do you prefer? Is taste vital to you or is the durability of the product more so? Do you want something for one-time use occasional usage with flavored liquid, or are separate e-cigarette tanks more your style? Of course, disposable vape is also a nicotine vape, which nicotine level do you want to choose? In conclusion, favors, puff count, nicotine level, battery life, and so on! Our complete range of disposable vapes can be browsed on this page…find one that suits your tastes. Also, we have blogged our thoughts on the 5 best disposable vapes here.

How long does a disposable vape pen last

The easiest way to answer this question is to define it in terms of how many puffs you will get from a disposable vape. This varies depending on how much e-liquid the vape comes with and how much the device uses per hit.  the Quawins Bravo Max device is best with a 12 ml capacity giving you around 5000 puffs.

How to use a disposable vape pen?

Most disposable vapes are draw-activated, meaning that you literally need to remove the device from its packaging, take a draw (or hit) On the device, and the coil will automatically activate and vapourize the pre-filled vape juice. Some disposable devices may have a fire button that needs to be pressed to activate the device. If you are having trouble with your disposable vape pen check out this article which explains the common reasons why your vape pen isn’t working.

How much is a disposable vape pen?

The price of a disposable vape pen varies from $11.99 for the lower-capacity devices to $15.99 for the Quawins with twice the capacity.

What disposable vape has the most hits?

The Quawins Cocktail disposable is the vape with the highest capacity in our range. It comes with 8ml of juice, and good flavors for up to 5000 hits.

What’s the best alternative to a JUUL?

There are dozens of disposable vape devices and pen-style vapes that are a good alternative to JUUL. We recommend the Vapsi Nature or the Quawins disposable vapes as a cheaper and more satisfying alternative to JUUL.


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